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Weight management program

What is it?


Obesity is associated with excess weight and fats in the body and is a common

thing seen in developed countries, especially in people who eat more than they

require or are sedentary. Obesity is a precursor of diseases like diabetes, heart

disease and stroke. 

In Singapore, 1 in 1 people are obese, and more common in men. 58% of the

population with a BMI of above 23 are pre-diabetic or suffer from conditions like


This program focusses on lifestyle interventions to help reduce your weight and

excess fats. 

Who is it for?


This program will benefit people who have a BMI of 25 and above, or have weight issues coupled with chronic disease. 

How will I benefit from it?


Depending on how much weight is needed to be reduced, timeline of the program will be discussed and goals set by the physician. Together with the team of coaches, you will be taught what triggers your weight gain, sustainable  methods to reduce and manage it. 

When should I start?


The moment the numbers hit a BMI of 25 and above, do not hesitate!

Patient on Scale
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