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Heart Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
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Early and accurate detection is key to treating heart disease. Prime Heart Centre is well equipped to provide all our clients with state-of-the-art medical know-how suited to meet your cardiac health needs..

Heart Disease Screening and Prevention

Our priority is to treat, prevent or delay the progression of cardiac diseases. We help our clients to assess their lifestyle risks, co-relate with their health and understand their needs in order to personalise their treatment prescription and work together as a team to achieve their goals.

Cardiac Rehabilitation


Senior Therapy

Prime Heart Centre provides you with one stop cardiac rehabilitation, all at the convenience in one place. Get back to health safely after your heart procedure with our team of professionals. 

Chronic Disease Management


Filling Prescription

Early detection to chronic diseases is key to treat or reverse it. Our focus is to use lifestyle intervention to significantly improve chronic diseases you are currently having. Get your health back with us at Prime!

Geriatric Cardiology

Coming  Soon!

Old Couple

The term "Geriatric" refers to seniors above 70 years old. Extra care is given due to this age group. Prime Heart Centre sees your needs and renders assistance and care catered to your cardiac needs. 

Corporate Health and Wellness

Prime Corporate Health and Wellness focuses on customising health and fitness initiatives for employees by making health programmes easily accessible at the workplace. 

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