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Risk Assessment for Geriatric Patients

What is Risk assessment?

Risk Assessment is critical for this group of patients, this aim is to relief them from as much symptoms as possible. Before any procedures or surgeries, our cardiologist will perform a detailed risk assessment, addressing:​

  • Immediate and short term risk assessment and prognosis in the very elderly

  • Assessment of interventions and competing conditions (pharmacologic, rehabilitative, procedural or surgical) in context of subject’s life expectancy (time to benefit analysis) and patient-preference outcomes

  •  Comprehensive geriatric assessments (grip strength, gait speed, cognition, physical function, fall history, orthostatic vital signs)

  • identifying geriatric impairments that influence management/outcomes

  • Provide risk-stratification for major interventions (e.g. TAVR)

  • Addressing polypharmacy, particularly as it pertains to the complex regimen for CV syndromes

  • Incorporating patient perspectives and goals

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