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Sleep and Cardiac Health

Sleep is seriously undervalued, Singapore ranks within the top few cities with the lowest amount of sleep. About 44% of Singaporeans do not get 7 hours of sleep on weekdays and 26% on the weekends.

Increased risk of chronic diseases

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA, chronic inadequate sleep increases the risks of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and depression.

Good quality sleep decreases the work of your heart, as blood pressure and heart rate go down at night and the absence of that causes the heart to work harder. People who are sleep deprived show less variability in their heart rate, meaning that instead of normal fluctuation, the rate stays elevated. In addition, it can also cause insulin resistance, a risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Shortened sleep can increase CRP or C-reactive protein, which is released with stress and inflammation. A high CRP is a risk factor for cardiovascular and heart disease. Shortened sleep also interferes with appetite regulation which may lead to eating foods that are less healthy for your heart.

How much sleep should I get?

Therefore, sleep is not a waste of time, laziness, inefficiency or luxury. It is an essential time for the body to heal and recover itself. In general, most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep to function well.

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