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Health coaching

What is a Health coach?


A health coach is someone who is certified in either nutrition/dietetics, exercise

science or a related health science major. The coach will be your main touchpoint

throughout your rehabilitation journey. 

Why is attending coaching sessions important for me?


Each coaching session will cover different topics, important to get your heart

and body back to health. Your coach uses clinically proven methods, assuring

the safety of these methods used. Also as a guide and mentor, the coach will help you keep your motivation to achieving goals set. 

What goes on during the sessions?


Goals will be set according to what you can manage and assessed during the start of the session. You will be assessed based on your nutrition adequacy, physical activity, sleep management and stress levels, all of which are contributing factors to a healthy heart. 

What will I gain after the sessions?


Our goal for you is for you to achieve sustainability for all the methods taught during the sessions. Gaining knowledge with proven science and not use unreliable methods to maintain good health. More importantly, allowing you to take control of your health. 

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