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Heart Care for the Elderly

Cardiology for the Elderly

Helping Hands

Older individuals often do not respond the same way to conventional heart disease treatments. Geriatric cardiology, is a branch of cardiology that deals with cardiovascular disorders in older people. It incorporates both traditional evidence based cardiovascular management plus comprehensive geriatric assessment, medication reduction, team-based coordination of care, improving functional outcomes, and consideration of patient goals. 

Dr. Peter Ting has a diploma in geriatric medicine and has experience in helping the older cardiac patient and their families sort through their complex conditions and unique needs.

Our priority lies within:

  1. Enhance quality of life

  2. Reduce symptoms & hospitalization

  3. Improve function & independence

  4. decrease medications & potential side effects.

If you or your loved one are 70 years or above, find out how we can better manage your heart condition

Geriatric Services Key Roles

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