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Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension


What is it?


Hypertension is a fairly common disease in Singapore, with slightly less than 1 in 4 residents (30 - 69 yr old) having it. The numbers increase if you are older, with more than 1 in 2 having it (60 - 69 yr old). your doctor will tell you if you have hypertension during your regular screening checks. Diseases such as obesity and diabetes increases your risk of hypertension. 

This program focusses on non- pharmacological interventions to manage or stop your hypertension. 

Who is it for?


This program is specially designed for people of all ages, especially of

you have raised blood pressure. With Sodium intake limitation of

2300mg/day, majority of us are already exceeding it way above levels.

This puts us at risk of developing hypertension in the long run. 

How will I benefit from it?


With the team consisting of a physician, nutrition health coach and exercise coach, we will make your journey as smooth and fun as possible, providing as much information for you to successfully manage your disease.

After the program, you will learn skills to manage your disease, understand what causes or might cause raised blood pressure, what activities work best for you and behavioral modification. The program has been shown to improve choices, prevent or reduce hypertensive complications, improve quality of life and lower your medical expenses. 

When should I start?


The earlier you start, the sooner you will benefit from this program! Contact us now to receive a program timeline most suitable for you after meeting our physician. 

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