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Coronary Angiogram (Invasive)

What is it?


A coronary angiogram is a minimally invasive procedure performed in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory using x-ray dye or contrast injected into the coronary arteries. It can identify narrowed or blocked coronary arteries and abnormalities of the heart muscle and heart valves.

Why do I need one?


Your cardiologist must have decided that you will benefit from this procedure (after weighing risks and benefits of not proceeding) in order to determine whether you have coronary artery disease.


Your cardiologist may have recommended this procedure if you have the following:


  • The previous investigations may have suggested that you might have coronary artery disease.


  • Chest pain symptoms or heart conditions that may be suggestive of coronary artery disease.


  • To check for progression of coronary artery disease or the outcome of your previous coronary procedure.


  • Heart valve disease that require surgery.

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