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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

What is it?


An ABPM is a small portable BP (blood pressure) machine that measures your BP every 30 to 60 minutes over 24hrs, including during your sleep. It stores your BP readings which will be analyzed by your cardiologist.

How it works


Go about your normal daily activities during the 24 hours.


Remember the Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do take your medication, if any, as advised by your cardiologist and document them. You are encouraged to continue your normal daily activities.​

  • After each daytime and evening recording, please document the time, your activity and symptoms (if any). It is important to relax your arm and stop your activity each time the machine takes a reading (you will feel the cuff inflates).

  • Note down the time you go to bed and the time when you wake up.

  • Please note:

    • Do not shower or bathe when wearing the machine.

    • Do not engage in activities that are rough.

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